The Brewpub

Our nano-brewery allows us to brew small batches and experiment with various beer styles, local ingredients, and exotic flavors from near and far.

The brews

Apology Juice IPA (ask Dave about the name) is our flagship brew and is frequently available on tap along with other staples such as White Haze IPA, Street 20 Wheat, Norwegian Farmhouse Ale, MoJob IPA (mosaic hops), and Noble Brown. Mmmmm.

Some of our favorite experimental brews have included (and will continue to include) Viking Grog (hoppy Kviek ale), “That’s how it Gose” (Gose), Sweet&Bitter Lily (hoppy Irish Red), Passionfruit Hefeweizen, and Creme Brûlée Stout. Keepin’ it fresh!

The Brewers

The Community

Currently, with 8 taps, we rotate our very own craft brews as well as guest brews from our friends in the region. Check The Local Brewpub’s Facebook page for the most up-to-date beer selection and check out our ever-expanding community of craft brewers in Southeast Asia below!